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Cleveland Business Consultants is a premier Regional Search Firm that has been in business since 1968. During that time we have placed well over 10,000 professional people with a wide variety of companies in the NE Ohio region. To accomplish this, we have developed extensive referral sources / networks and a proprietary database management tool called “Short List” which enables us to identify a list of the mostly likely candidates for any search assignment in a very short period of time.

In Person Interviews

Each candidate that we represent is personally interviewed and prequalified according to the requirements of your specific search before an interview recommendation is made.

No Retainer Fees Required

cbc-ladies-thumbWhether your need is a $25,000/ year Technologist, an Engineer, a Plant Manager or a “C” Level Executive, we are confident enough in our ability to find the right person for your opportunity that we have no need to ask for a retainer fee to engage our search team. Therefore, no company will ever be asked to pay any type of service fee until we have actually filled your position. We also provide written Ability and Sincerity Guarantees to protect your fee investment.

Proven Track Record

As they say the proof is in the pudding. With the track record that we can demonstrate of having filled over 10,000 successful skills and/or industry specific professional searches, there should be no doubt that we can provide the selection of candidates that will give you the confidence to hire.

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Proprietary Short List Databases

The proprietary database tool that we use to initiate each search is called “Short List”. This extensive database is set up based on a range of industry specific and skill specific codes that can be matched to your parameters to generate a “Short List” of candidates who live within a commutable range that we can immediately contact regarding your opportunity. Most of our candidates are currently employed and have been pre-interviewed. They are in our inventory waiting on our call regarding the right employment situation.

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Parallel Searches

We want each customer to hire the very best candidate they see for any position. Many customers choose to work with us on an exclusive basis, but exclusivity is not required. Many searches are conducted in parallel with a variety of sources that a customer might use to identify candidates. Our fee is earned only if after seeing all your options, you choose to hire our candidate.

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