Regional Search

No Retainers. No Relocation Costs.

Our search practice is highly efficient and operates on a contingency fee basis. By using the Regional Search recruiting process, NE Ohio Regional companies are able to fill the staffing needs ranging from $25K Technologists to ”C” Level Executives quickly, efficiently and economically without the need for paying up front retainer fees or a requirement to pay expensive relocation costs. Companies also benefit from the fact candidates in our region will generally fit into your existing salary structure much better due to the favorable cost of living in our region compared to other population centers that national search firms typically draw candidates from.

Why Are We Regional Search?

sample-content-photoWe realized many years ago that the Cleveland / NE Ohio region is unique. People who live in our region generally like it and prefer not to relocate if they can be matched to the right opportunity here. However, from a national viewpoint, people who are from outside of our region usually do not select NE Ohio as their first choice to relocate to. So qualified candidates who live here are reluctant to leave and qualified candidates from other regions are reluctant to come.

Secondarily, by being regional (loosely defined as within 1 hour of Downtown Cleveland) we can personally meet every candidate and every employer in the region to gain the fullest understanding of each parties specific needs and interest which enables us to provide a far superior service to the national search firms who rarely meet either party.

What is Regional Search?

A Regional Search is the most effective method to fill any professional, technical or high priority position. The search incorporates CBC’s almost 50 years of regional market expertise with our proprietary search tools. Every Regional Search is managed by a Project Manager who has a thorough understanding of the employer’s need. The Project Manager is the liaison between the company and the search team. The search is initiated using our “Short List Database” coupled with other industry recruiting tools to do a thorough proactive search of the region to identify the top four candidates who match closest to the search parameters and who would have an active interest in being considered for the position without the need for relocation.

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Regional Search vs. National Search

Due to the significantly reduced hiring / recruiting costs and the increased likelihood of the long term stability of the new hire associated with the regional candidates, we strongly recommend that any company allow us to do a Regional Search before considering using a national search firm to fill your position.

Short List Database

Our proprietary database is an extensive inventory of primarily employed professionals in the NE Ohio region who have each been personally interviewed by a team member. Each candidate has been uniquely categorized in “Short Lists” based on their complete array of codes representing skills, interests, and expectations. These candidates are confidentially interested in making a change and waiting on the right opportunity.  By coding in the employer’s parameters, we can instantly identify a “Short List” of candidates from our inventory that are the most likely match. Each is then contacted, prequalified and interest confirmed. For most searches, within three to five business days, we will have found the candidate you will hire.

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