Using Concurrent Search to Find the Perfect Candidate

Many companies search for several weeks, or even months, trying to find the perfect candidates to fill important professional positions. With the rise of online advertising and job boards, many think the perfect candidate is likely just a few clicks of the keyboard away—but this is seldom the case.

The reality is that most companies using their own resources will take several months, if not longer, to find the right candidate. Conducting a search on your own may seem like a good way for your company to save money, but having a key position open for an extended period of time will usually end up costing the company much more than they might have saved on a recruiting fee.

This is where the opportunity for Concurrent Searches becomes a major benefit.

Because CBC works on a contingency search basis, there is no fee unless your company actually chooses to hire our candidate. What this means is that your company can use your own resources while using our recruiting services to surface the best candidates. If your resources produce the better candidate, that’s who you will hire. However, if CBC provides the superior candidate, then you have the opportunity to make a good business decision knowing your full range of options.

We have placed more than 10,000 professionals with companies in the Northeast Ohio region. In each case, the employer made a business decision placing the value of our candidate over the applicants they found on their own—including the cost of the recruiting fee. In addition, because we have extensive resources, we will likely have candidates who live near enough to the company location to avoid relocation costs.

Also consider your company’s budget, which often times does not include recruiting fees. When we do a concurrent search with a company, we are usually able to fill the position with no impact to their budget. The reason for this is simple math: The typical time it takes for a company to search on their own before they realize a need for help is 4 to 8 weeks. We are well stocked with employed, pre-interviewed professionals who are waiting for our call, but it still takes 1 week to identify, prescreen, qualify and schedule all candidate interviews. There is typically another 1-2 weeks for the company to make their decision and present an offer. The employed candidate will then need to give a 2-week notice. What this all means is that there will likely be a period of 3 months or more where no salary will be paid for the position. When the money that is budgeted, but unpaid, for salary and benefits is consider, the recruiting fee is more than covered. As a result, most of our searches are completed with little to no impact in our customers’ budgets.

The next time you have a position to fill, consider the benefits of working with CBC on a concurrent search. Our goal is the same is yours—to fill the position swiftly with the best possible candidate for the role.

Find the Perfect Candidate